Friday, January 12, 2007

Life's Cube

A cubic age is an important milestone in one’s life. Having reached one in the recent past, I would share the model that was built so assiduously on the day I turned the cube of the largest possible prime number (Atleast that’s the plan!)

1: Too young. Sound of air blowing through pursed lips makes you pee. You are the inspiration for the waterfall advert of Pampers (or was it huggies!)

8: Conscious of life. Id and Ego are in a hard setting mould. The Freudian school of psychologists has given up on you! You are yet to discover the charm of “late-night-movies” but the day is not far. All sports persons but for Koneru Hampi are of an older age. You dream of all the wonderful things that you would do when you grow up!

27: Marketers do not try to influence you anymore. Parents/ Girl Friend want to you get married to someone/ herself respectively. Dreadful thirties are dreadfully near! The set of sports people older than you are genially referred to as old-fogies. You think of all the wonderful things that you did when you were not grown up! Piece of advice, Say no to Cynicism!

64: You have en-cashed your retrials and are invested in a very-low yield government bond. You tell point-less stories about how things were when you were at the previous cubic. Young people scurry off when you start of with “Hamare jamane mein….” There are a lot of things not physically possible not matter how much you crave for it. Like climbing Mt. Everest etc (What were you thinking?). You can definitely buy that Ferrari but would you drive it?

125: You have to be a Japanese citizen on welfare.

I was about to write a pensive post on turning old. But then someone else wrote it. For the record, I saw my first white strand yesterday. I like to think of it as uparwala's camera trick. To people in similar predicament, this thought helps!

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Mo said...

The prime of your life, perhaps.

And, you are stuck in a cube.

Bad pun, apologies.