Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Collective Wisdom of the last three years

The last three years have helped me transform into a cynic. The following gems were produced during the golden age of my cynicism i.e. before I left Chennai for Delhi. This post is dedicated to the brotherhood of the OICs at the Bank.

1. Life is a struggle against the mediocrity of your own
2. Being simple is the most complex task that you would come across
3. Tomorrow will be as bad as today
4. When in the line of fire, Lie low!
5. Good advise is never appreciated if given out of time
6. A kick in time, saves nine
7. Anticipation is worse than constipation
8. Planning life is like taking the bull by its horns. Doesn't work!
9. Hard work is 99% perception and 1% perspiration
10. Independence in highly undervalued when you have it!
11. Never ever give more information than sought
12. If you knock at the wall in place of the door, you will hurt your knuckles
13. Rumors are always more interesting than people!
14. If you don't seize the moment, someone else will!
15. If its too good to be true, Wake up!
16. Unhappiness is directly proportional to the happiness of the residual world
17. Change is easy as long as it is for someone else
18. There is less good in this world than you think
19. The best mood to finish important tasks is last moment panic
20. Life is a coin biased against you!
21. Life is a lemon and I want a refund
22. Two and two make five with appropriate amount of alcohol or insanity
23. Irritation is the first pedestal to success
24. Boredom will get you sooner or later
25. Habit is the strongest narcotic
26. Like Thank you, Hello and Hi there, goodbye is just another word

Adding more, June 2011

27. Life is more twisted that you think it is
28. Hair today, gone tomorrow (More applicable for Men)
29. Only groups can be more tyrannical than real life tyrants
30. Why simplify when you can obfuscate
31. The tribe of stupid is for real and there are more of them than you would think

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