Friday, March 23, 2007

The Tonight Tamasha!

It started a few weeks back. Or was it days? Who cares...? Feel like stuck in a time warp! The frenzy, the spirited send-offs, the songs sung by all and sundry have come to this. One pathetic day against Bangladesh has forced us into a nail-biting stand-off with the Lankans. I would have wished for an intense, uncertain and an interesting tussle between the ball and the bat anyway for this encounter. But this is not I would have dreamt of in the worst of my nightmares! There is a strong possibility that India be eliminated tonight. I fear for the worst and hope for the best!

This might be my last post on cricket for a long time to come. Yes, the possibility exists. Inspite of the elimination of pakistan, imminent elimination of India, Murder of Woolmer, Sledging off the field and many more of such incidents - I believe many of us would not be interested in Cricket for some time if we were to lose tonight!

With about 10,000 crores riding on the match today in betting money, one just wonders if it is all fixed. A grandiose version of Donald Trump's WWE! Hope not! I think more money enters the betting arena on other sports. As I type this Upul Tharanga has hit Agarkar for two consecutive 4s. And I think the MIB need my support and yours as well!

Here's to the underdog! Am really hoping that this is not the send-off that the stalwarts of yesteryears get. Zaheer just took off Jayasurya...

Hoping to type some more iff you-know-what happens!


Mo said...

My sympathies.

Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

JeevSingh said...

I watched India vs Bermuda yesterday. It was fun.

Sumedh said...

Completely agree with you doesnt exist for me (at least till the WC is over).

Btw, why hasnt anybody pointed fingers at the Board? Arent they to be held responsible? Pakistan's exit led to PCB officials owning up and resigning. Whereas Sharad Pawar is happily weilding the cane at the players/coach without taking even a tad responsibility!

Remember how we were a force to reckon with in hockey? And then what happened...? A few bad series, some older players retiring without any proper 'succession' planning and, oh yes, a politician took over the Indian Hockey Federation....parallels anyone?!

Prashant Modani said...
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