Monday, July 16, 2007

Kal, Aaj aur Kal

We were at Sonakshi Sharma’s place. Her waiters conveniently ignoring us while we kept ourselves busy with some idle chatter. The conversation following the typical pattern: women, movies, sports and politics. As we chanced onto this animated discussion about agricultural expertise of Amitabh Bachan, the music system started playing ‘Main Jahan Rahoon’ from Namaste London. Just like that dog of Pavlov, we changed gears and started discussing Katrina. So who was the Katrinaisque leading lady of the 70s? Without doubt, Saira Bano! And B&W era? Sadhna? So it carried on. The discussion about finding the parallels across the years of bollywood history.

Am sure there would be many more. But no more time to kill – will stop here!


JeevSingh said...

My first impression of this post is that it is very much flawed. I do not see any discussion of bollywood heroines to be worth reading without the following two names: Rekha and Madhuri. Waheeda was in no way middle ages Shabaana....its an insult to the beauty and grace of Waheeda to compare her to Shabaana.

pardon my anger...btw, the links of my blog are working now.

Prateek said...

Shabana has grace and beauty as well. How does she compare to Waheeda - pata nahin - par us league main to 100% rahegi!

Sorry for having missed rekha and madhuri... you see i was never a big fan of both!

JeevSingh said...

Yaar Waheeda mein to chulbuna pan tha woh Shabana ke --> look I am ready to cry attitude se match hi nahi kar sakta. Even Mumtaaz and Zeenat comparison is flawed, think about it.

Ankit said...

I disagree with Madhubala - Sridevi - preity zinta combo !! madhubala was the more subtle variety.. unlike sridevi and preity zinta who are both a bit loud.. middle ages - madhuri and in today's times...hmmm cant think of anyone !

Ankit said...

Rimi sen for sex appeal??? what about tanushree dutta ?!?!!!

and for the "you know that" category - Ayesha Takia !!!!!

Prateek said...

Jeev, Ankit - an apple to apple comparison cannot happen because the oldies were muted in depiction of all the qualities.

@ankit: Remember Madhubala from Chalti ka naam gaadi or howrah bridge - wasn't that effervescence?? And yes tanushree dutta can be there was well. But seriously, Ayesha (endearing that she is) does not belong with dimple and nargis

@Jeev: Waheeda ka chulbulapan? Kaunsa movie bol rahe ho? I think as actors they do come close. And given the muted depiction in the oldies, Mumtaz was the closest that I could think of in sex appeal. Any other name in mind??

JeevSingh said...

@Mumtaapz-Zeenat-Rimi Sen, the fact is that there was nothing raw in Mumtaz's sex appeal. She was an actress at par with the best in her times, she was a great dancer..something Zeenat could only dream about in her bikini.

My suggestions would have been Tanuja/Sharmila ...they were pretty cheap for her time. And do not get me started on Rimi Sen, she is a lost cause.

Prateek said...

Jeev, have tried to draw comparisons on a specific charterstics. Yes, someone who was sexy can be a consummate actress as well. I feel Mumtaz was sexier than Tanuja/Sharmila. But I think I missed out sharmila totally - perils of doing this discussion with ToPi. Guess this post would not have raked this kind of controversy if this discussion would have been with you/bullbull