Monday, June 30, 2008

I want to ride my bicycle

दोस्तों, खरीद ली हैं हमने एक साइकिल। एकदम मस्त है और चलने मैं दमदार - पूरे २१ गियर हैं! और दाम भी कम - फिर कोई वो क्यूँ ले, ये न ले (वो से मतलब महेंगी वाली firefox/ trek)

इस साईकिल का नाम है - हीरो ओक्टैन (देखें फोटो)

No, this is not a reaction to the increase in fuel prices. But, just for the record, Mr. Chidambaram and Mr. Deora, it hurts!

This bike is supposed to complement the running. Had a recurring knee injury in the left leg due to my over-pronation and this bike is supposed to help me strengthen my knee and cross-train a little. Did some 25Km on it this weekend (along with a half marathon). Was good fun, coming back was little painful.

Have not taken this to office yet। Am too scared to cycle in Bangalore rush hour traffic. Someday!

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उन्मुक्त said...

मुझे कुछ समय बर्लिन रहने का मौका मिला वहां अधिकतर लोग साइकिल से ही ऑफिस जाते हैं।

हिन्दी में और क्यों नहीं लिखते।

ROhan said...

congratulations :)

You might be interested in our biking blog -

Prateek said...

@Unmukt, hindi main bolna mere liye swabhavik hai par likhna thoda mushkil lagta hai. Sach to yeh hai ki aaj tak kisi ne yeh sawaal poocha nahin aur maine jyada socha nahin!

@Rohan, have heard about you guys. Few from my running group had visited your store and we were planning to come down for this purchase. But then I felt that this enthu for cycling might be a passing phase and decided to curtail the expense.

Shantanu said...

I have been cycling to work since we bought it, and believe me, if you take the andar wala gallis its not that bad.
and with the weather complimenting my cycling, going to work has never been better!