Monday, July 28, 2008

The Magical Machine At The Railway Station

So I was at a railway station this month after a long time. And it was such a relief so see the familiar bedlam thrown at myself. After confirming with one of the coolies that the train I was there for is delayed by a good 50 minutes, I decided to buy the platform ticket. But I just could not find the ticket window that sells the platform ticket. As I was running to the other end of the foyer, I saw a bright red machine. I stopped with the relaxed manner that can posess only a person whose sense of haste has just been snatched by a railway coolie.

This machine was such a delight. An automatic platform ticket vending machine. No cash and no credit cards required for Airtel and Relaince customers. For the first time in the last two years, I felt good for being an airtel customer. [Would have written peans about the sad signal quality of airtel in Koramangala if this were a different post]


- Send an SMS with text 'pftkt' to a 5-digit number
- Get a code in an SMS from the service provider
- Key the code in the machine and the machine prints out the ticket for you

It was just magical!

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