Friday, November 24, 2006


Tauba-Tauba is the hit song from Kailash Kher's last album. Apart from the catchy beat and the raspy voice of Kher, what works for this number is the video. Do catch the video on YouTube if you have not seen it till now. I like this video so much that even though the song has faded away from the music channel and public memory, I get this strong urge to write about it.

To me, this video mirrors life closely. One does not value what one has. Or more often, does not realize that he has something when in possession of it. At the same time, one craves something that is out of reach. Insomniacs realize the importance of sleep only after their painstaking effort of spurning it away start yielding results! Absence makes the heart grow fonder. Why? Same old desire for what you cannot have. This lust pervades every aspect of life; be it a job, an address, a car, love or the state of satisfaction. Humans develop this trait when they are fairly young. Have you ever noticed a child raise hell for a particular toy in a toy shop? Notice a trifle longer and see the child forget the existence of the toy as soon as he exits the shop with the toy.

Perpetual dissatisfaction with the conditions of existence is a state we are condemned to. We are like dogs chasing their own tails! Anyway, let’s get back to the video and away from my pathological view of life. The story of pursuit for a certain someone has been told very well out here. I think one has to be extremely lucky to sidestep a predicament of the type so colorfully depicted it in video. The generally accepted phrase for this side-stepping is falling in love. The complimentary set comprises of people who are tired of this entire exercise. So they opt out of the system by choosing the next available solution. Since, so many people do it, would it be reasonable to assume that this is better than remaining in an unsolutioned state? Moreover, does Compromise make the world go round?

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JeevSingh said...

Its a fun video.