Thursday, April 05, 2007

Say No To...

Back in the 80s and mid-90s, the government wanted the populace to say no to a lot of things that are(?) considered vices. There was a special emphasis on cigarettes, alcohol, drugs, unsafe sex and other members of this party. Not very sure if that incessant messaging from the CPC of Mandi house worked. A back of the envelope calculation shows that all of them failed miserably. However, I have decided that I am not going to be discouraged by this failure of the government machinery. After all, this is what they specialize at.

I have my own agenda today. May be it was because of a sudden flashback in time. A casual discussion with a friend made me recall the Engineer's and Manager's Oath. Yes, they exist and can probably be a part of Chetan Bhagat's list of eccentricities of the IIT and the IIM life. Somewhere the authors of the oaths have skillfully slipped in a line that bounds me to repay my debt to the society. So I have decided to repay my debt and come out of this unintended delinquency!

This is my first working weekend in a long time. Do not remember working on a weekend ever since I quit The Bank! It brought back the memories of those weekends spent pushing files between the twin towers of Jeevan Bhatri and the Surya Kiran building in Connaught Place. I think all the people working in the iBank family of jobs will have a humongous treasure of such memories. Thus, extensive first hand experience and loads of hearsay puts me in this unique position of relying this message in public interest. Say no to working weekends!

In case you are the kind who looks for top returns on every second spent in life, you would be feeling a bit cheated. Am sure that the message lacked the punch for the kinds of you! Therefore, I would offer something more to you before you click on the red cross in the right corner on the top to effect a closure on this browser window. I am about to share with you something that made it a good Friday! A Salman Khan number from the film Yeh hai Jalwa. I would strongly advise you to see the video or otherwise make-do with the audio. As you might have guessed from the previous post that I am turning into an advocate of anti-piracy these days, so I will just share the lyrics. Hope you like them. Here goes:

Nahin fax, nahin xerox
Nahin telex - na computer ki floppy

[repeat along with some dancing]
[some dhinchak music]

main to mere papa ki Carbon Copy... [a half-hearted yoddle] Carbon Copy [sing to a crescendo]

Trust me, I am not making this up. It is for real!! With that, I leave you to salvage whatever remains of your weekend!

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