Thursday, June 21, 2007

Madam President

Finally, the Congress government has been able to grab a spot for itself in history. Of course, this is under the foregone assumption that the 54% strong majority will not jump sides over a minor issue like the president’s election. What is even more astounding (and scary as well) is that we would have the same woman as the Prime Minister as well? There are absolutely no-limits to what Sonia Gandhi can achieve. I mean she has a full-time job as the Prime Minister but she wants more! So another unsuspecting (?) dummy candidate is being brought into the fray.

We are in a situation where the Prime Minister’s Offices have been brought into such disrepute that the constituents of the government have scant regard for anything to do with that office. The parallel power centre rather the power centre of this government resides in 10-11 Janpath and each member of the coalition know which side of the bread is buttered! I have admired the astuteness with which Sonia has managed her political courier. Even with her legacy, it was a tough job and she has done well for herself. Whether she has done well for India would be a discussion that would die even before developing into a full blown argument!

However, this inexplicable urge of sullying the President’s office cannot and should not be ignored. I would like to believe that being a staunch loyalist to the Gandhi family should not be the only qualification under consideration for the country’s highest office. Some might want to argue that the President is nothing but a figurehead – so it does not matter. That is the precise reason why it matters! The same figurehead is one of the brand ambassadors of my country to the rest of the world. Governor Patil might have had a clean record as a politician but I will be unable to stand her as my president because she at best would be a fa├žade for the Italian lady who governs our country. This would be nothing more than a re-run of the Indira-Jail Singh episode. From the reports that I have been hearing & reading, irrespective of the desires of many of us, the inevitable is bound to happen…


Mo said...

Well, to say Ms. Patil is not qualified for the role would be wrong. She's got a formidable CV. However, she lacks the stature of Dr. Kalam, and that's what is bothering me more.
5 years ago, would you have cared this much?

Dr. Kalam's election had indicated that the title of the "head of the nation", although symbolic, was beyond populist politics. Now we are back to Square-one.

Prateek said...

Not denying the weight her CV carried. With a 45+ years of political career one has to do something worthwhile at some point in time. But sadly she has not been nominated because of the her achievements as a politician! The prime reason is the loyalty to the 'Family.'

5 yrs ago, i was even more concerned because i thought the the BJP might end-up nominating some RSS hardliner masquerading as someone with an 'illustrious' career as a politician! But thankfully they had the gall to nominate someone that the nation could look up to!