Sunday, October 26, 2008

My Second Marathon

I ran the Mumbai Marathon at the beginning of this year. And last weekend I ran the Kaveri Trail Marathon. Shaved around 35 Min from my Bombay finish time of 5hrs 15min. And even then I felt that this was a weaker race. It was very hot and humid. The track was a difficult track to run on and I struggled after the 32nd Km. But I did finish it with a flourish. Practically sprinted the last 300m.

More on both the runs later.


manoj said...

Congrats on the finish buddy!
Awesome stuff, great timing on a tough trail. The Nelson really working for you!!!

Prateek said...

Yeah buddy. Nelson did work - guess I did manage to ward it off by keeping one of the legs in the air all the time ;)

But you managing 50 on that day especially after a late start of an hr was just awesome!

JeevSingh said...

congrats again...waiting to read more...especially the pot-pouri inside your head

Deepak said...

Congrats Parle .. all the best for the Mumbai marathon again.