Monday, October 13, 2008

The Realization

This was almost like the first time a little girl (wanted to be clear about the 'little') called me 'Uncle' on a train journey. I was shocked not because of the actual event but what it meant to me! The days of uncling people were over and the days of bhaisaabgiri were in!

Anyway, I have been reading Paul Krugman for a few years now. At times I think he is too leftist and may be unequivocally Democrat (US Politics) but overall I am addicted to him. So when I got the alert from WSJ that the Swedish Academy has decided to award the Nobel Prize for Economics to him, I swelled with pride. May be it was because it was a first of sorts - being cognizant of the Nobel prize winner before the list was announced.

How you explain knowing the name of a nobel prize winner? Mathematically - With more and more names thrown at you with the passage of time, the probability of such a event happening just goes up and up. So it is also a cold realization of the fact the one has aged! Never expected it to be this fast!


JeevSingh said...

Something unrelated but I felt great when I met Herbert Kroemer in Ann Arbor (Nobel Prize in 2000 for physics). Although I met him in 2001 but the fact that I had read his work prior to meeting him gave me a strange happiness.

JeevSingh said...

I forgot to add "That will be all" under the above comment.