Friday, September 17, 2010

Personal Committments

I would be running the Kaveri Trail Marathon ( this weekend. Am running this race for the Sudha Mehta Cancer Foundation  (refer the last few posts). This is my second  marathon this year. The last one I ran was the Auroville Marathon in Feeb, 2010. It was a very personal run. I was running it for Mom. It was a very difficult run both physically and mentally (I guess, I was ill prepared on both fronts).

Since then I have already run 850Km for SMCF and I am making a committment of running atleast 1000Km more by Feb, 2011. 

Priyanka is making a committment of running another 500K in the same time period. Shantanu and Ankita are running their next four big runs for SMCF. If you want to support this initiative in any way, please drop in an email at smcfindia [ at ] gmail [ dot ] com or to me or just leave a comment here. I will get in touch with you.

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